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With any lighting system having complete control is paramount. Having the right console to control your lighting can be the difference in producing an amazing show or not. At Active Lighting we carry the best consoles, desks, dimmers and distribution panels on the market. Our techs are expert at designing and installing complete lighting systems for all sized applications. We can help you figure out exactly what control features you need, and can run the system for you if you require. Below you will find a partial list of the control elements that we stock and use regularly.

Lighting Console Hire

Lighting Consoles and Desks

The desk or control console for your lighting system is the nervous system of the lighting design. We offer many different control systems, and can build a system which fits any lighting or multi-media need you can think of. Our goal is to deliver a system, and the technicians who can run it, that will turn your vision into reality.

Lighting console inventory

• ETC Smartfade ML Console
• Grand MA Console 4096
• Hog PC System Full
• Jands Hog 1000
• Jands Hog 600 Control Desk
• Jands Instinct 60 Console
• LSC Atom 24/48 Control Desk


• LSC Axiom 48/96 Control Desk
• LSC Maxim 12/24
• LSC Maxim 24/48
• LSC Minim 12
• MA Lighting Scan Commander
• Theatrelight 48 Theatrelight 48/96
• Theatrelight Starlet 6

Hire lighting consoles

Thousands of lighting systems installed.

At Active Lighting, we have installed thousands of lighting systems over the last two decades. We are constantly investing in our lighting and control infrastructure, so we can deliver the best equipment in the industry.
We only use and install products we love for their quality and durability.

Lighting dimmer hire

Dimmers & Distribution panels

The dimmer and distribution panels for your lighting and multi-media systems form the backbone of your capability; Active Lighting can supply the equipment you need for the largest and most complicated of shows.

Dimmers & Distro Inventory

• 100 Amp Distro (3 x 32a, 1 x 20a)
• 200 Amp Distro (6 x 32a, 12 x 10a)
• 48 Way 10 Amp Distro
• J Series 12ch 10 Amp Distro
• PD12 Distro (12 x 10a)
• PD6 Distro (1 x 32a, 6 x 15a)


• Comet 6 12 x 2.4kw
• Dynalite 12 x 2.4kw
• Jands GP/FPX/FP/HP 12 x 2.4kw
• LSC Tour Series 12 x 2.4kw
• LSC Tour Series with RCD
• TecArt 12 x 2.4kw

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