Let us light your stage

We carry a huge amount of theatre lighting equipment in both our Melbourne and Sydney warehouses. Our theatrical lighting equipment includes Profile, Flood & Cyc, Fresnel, Par lights and Followspots.

Profile Lighting Hire

Profile lighting

Profile lights are one of the most widely used lights in modern theatre. they are a very versatile fixture that can fill many roles. Below is a list of our inventory of profile lights. Contact us to enquire about our profile lighting hire.

Profile light inventory

• Altman Shakespeare 10 600w
• Altman Shakespeare 20 600w
• Altman Shakespeare 30 600w
• Altman Shakespeare 40 600w
• Altman Leko 26 1k
• Altman Leko 19 1k
• Selecon Acclaim 18/34 650w
• Selecon Acclaim 24/44 650w


• Source 4 19 750w
• Source 4 26 750w
• Source 4 36 750w
• Source 4 50 750w
• Source 4 Junior Zoom 25/50 575w
• Source 4 Zoom 15/30 750w
• Source 4 Zoom 25/50 750w 

Hire Fresnel Lighting

Fresnel lighting

Fresnel lanterns are usually used for washes. The light cone is wide and soft sided, excellent at creating soft shadows and are usually used for back, top and side light. Below is a list of our inventory of profile lights. Please drop us a line to enquire about hiring our fresnel lights.

Fresnel lighting inventory

• 1.2kW Selecon Fresnel
• 1.2kW Selecon PC Spot
• 1kW Teatro Tratto Fresnel
• 2kW Strand Patt 293
• 650W Selecon Acclaim Fresnel   


• Castor Manual Operation 2kw
• Castor pole operated 2kw
• Selecon Arena 2/2.5K 10" Fresnel
• Pollux 2.5/2.5K Fresnel Pole Operated

Flood lighting hire

Flood and Cyc lighting

Flood and Cyc lights are used when a large amount of flat lighting is needed; floods are often used for outdoor lighting of events, while Cyc lights are often used for lighting backcloths and cycloramas. See our range of Flood and Cyc's below. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your lighting hire.

Flood & Cyc lighting inventory

• 1500w Outdoor QI
• 300W Outdoor QI - White
• 500W Outdoor QI - Black
• 500W Outdoor QI - White
• MIG AS400w Flood Light White
• MIG AS400w Flood Light Blue
• MIG AS400w Flood Light Green
• 2 x 1.25kW Iris 2 Cyc Flood
• 2 x 650W Molefay Duet


• 2 x 650W Molefay Duet DMX 
• 6 x 650W 6 Light (DWE)
• 6 x 650W Mini Brute (DWE)
• Colorset 6 Lite / 5K
• 4 x 1kW Thomas Groundrow/Cyc Flood
• 4 x 500W Colortran Lito Cyc Flood
• 500W Teatro Deluvio Cyc Flood
• Mini Strip 30 x 50 Watt
• Kupo 500W Cyc Flood

Par LED lighting hire

Par lighting

Par lights are a common theatrical lighting fixture. Par lights are often used as floor lights and are normally stationary. We can build banks of par lights with various gel colour filters to create specific colour areas and washes. We also have a range of LED Par fixtures which do not require gels and can be dynamically controlled by a lighting console.

Par light inventory

• Multipar 600w
• Par 36 Pin Spot
• Par 16 12v
• Par 16 240v
• Par 36 Pin Spot
• Par 56 Black
• Par 56 Chrome


• Par 64 Black
• Par 64 Chrome
• LED Multipar tri colour
• LED Par 64 quad colour
• LED Par 64 Stubby Black
• LED Par 64 Stubby Chrome
• LED Mini Par 16

Followspot lighting

Followspot lighting

Followspot lights are a classic spotlight fixture, with an adjustable beam width. Followspot's are generally controlled by human operators, however we have some fixtures with DMX control features. Contact us to discuss your spot lighting needs.

Followspot inventory

• Halo 600w Tungsten
• 1kW Teatro Tratto 15/28 Followspot
• Selecon Performer 1200MSR
• 2.5kW Selecon Performer Followspot


• 2kW Teatro Acuto 19/32 Followspot
• 2kW Teatro Talento 8/12 Followspot
• Voyager 1200w HMI