Lighting equipment for any type of exam venue

With a large variety of lighting equipment we can handle any size venue.

With a warehouse full of lighting equipment and over 20 years of helping institutions of all sizes light their examination venues you can be sure we have you covered.
Our lighting equipment includes:
Flood lighting for exams
Ambient lighting
Bounce lighting
Roof lighting
Exam light standsTruss with lighting for exams

Exam Lighting Hire
Exam Lighting

Create a stress free environment for your participants.

Examinations are already a stressful experience, by lighting your venue appropriately you can create a sense of comfort and reduce the effects of eye strain and fatigue.

Working with institutions

We work with all institutions to bring ambient light levels up to a good level for reading and writing in exams.

Reducing stress

Low levels of light are known to cause eye strain and fatigue, we use appropriate lighting to bring the levels up to a comfortable level. 

Variety of equipment

We have a large inventory of lighting equipment, this allows us to light even the grandest of venues.

Shadow free lighting

We design the lighting environment for the comfort of the examinee's. Shadow free lighting is paramount.